24 Reasons for Learning German – Visit Germany

Advent Calendar Day 11

Today’s post is from Neil. Thank you, Neil!

I work for  a local company. I started to learn German as an aide to some contacts with the  German parent company. I have been tempted to give in but I am still persevering. I suppose we are into the third year though I did take a break in there somewhere. Monday morning doesn’t always seem fun but slowly some of the vocabulary is sinking in, though the verbs are still something of a mystery. When I tried to talk to my colleagues in Germany in German they were keen to practice their English so I gave up trying. I aspire to visit Germany one day and hope to order my Coffee and Butterkuchen correctly!


3 thoughts on “24 Reasons for Learning German – Visit Germany”

  1. Thank you, Neil. I am glad you are persevering.When you go to Germany and order your ‘Kaffee und Butterkuchen’, whoever takes your order will be pleased that you said it in German, even if they then want to practice their English…… 

    And that applies to everybody. Even if the Germans want to practice their English, they are very pleased if you say something in German…. and don’t forget, not everybody in Germany does speak English, either. 

    Go on, make their day 😉

    • Yes, but how wonderful would it be, if more English/ American/ British people would say: “Its’ our turn now, we want to practise German, French, Spanish, Mandarin …. whatever” !
      I can but dream …


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