24 Reasons for Learning German – Speaking a Foreign Language is Wonderful

Advent Calendar Day 12

Only another 12 days until Christmas! Today, Kamila wrote for us. Thank you, Kamila!

My name it Kamila. I have been learning German for a few years now. I hope that I will speak fluently this language one day… I think that knowing and being able to speak a foreign language is a wonderful thing. I enjoy it a lot every day.

I am 36 years old Polish lady. I speak Polish- it is my native tounge and I can fluently speak English. I enjoy being able to communicate with other people. When I started to study English I did not think that I will live in Great Britain permanently and this ability will be so useful for me. I been living in England for 7 years now. I feel very sorry for so many Polish people who live in England and are not able to speak the language or they struggle a lot when they have to speak.

I stared to study German in high school in Poland many years ago and probably that was the main reason to decide to continue with it after coming to UK. I would like German to be my second foreign language that I know.

I practiced speaking German a few times but usually most Germans speak English and it is hard not to switch to English.

I am a bit busy in my life and it is hard for me to find more time to study German. I work 8 hours every day and have busy social life. Unfortunately it takes time to learn :). I hope I will know it one day.

2 thoughts on “24 Reasons for Learning German – Speaking a Foreign Language is Wonderful

    1. Unfortunately, there are so many things we want to do, and usually life gets in the way. But as long as you do at least the odd bit of language learning every so often, it will stay in your mind.

      You both have a good knowledge of German already. If you were to move there tomorrow, you would be fluent in no time!

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