Advent Calendar Day 16

Happy 3rd Advent! Today’s post has been written by Robin and Jaime. Thanks, you two!

We are learning German for fun and because we want to go to Germany for a holiday one day.

  •     We’ve been learning for about 8 weeks.
  •     We like how simple the numbers and letters are to say and learn.
  •     We haven’t been able to use it but we would if we went on holiday to Germany. We were tempted by a holiday cruise to Hamburg recently,  that would be a perfect opportunity to try it out.
  •       We are a recently married couple who like going on holidays and new challenges. That’s why we’re interested in languages.
Robin & Jaime, Wilton


3 Responses to 24 Reasons for Learning German – Cruise to Hamburg

  1. I’m glad you started learning German and are enjoying it. Let’s hope you’ll get to do that cruise one day, too!

  2. Anita says:

    Cruise sounds a lovely idea 🙂

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