20 herb names in German and English

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Do you have herbs in your garden or windowsill?

Why not find out what they are called in German?

I give you a start with 20 common herbs and their names in German and English.

  • das Basilikum – basil
  • das Bohnenkraut – savory
  • der Dill – dill
  • der Estragon – tarragon
  • der Kerbel – chervil
  • der Koriander – coriander
  • die Kresse – cress
  • der Lavendel – lavender
  • der Lorbeer – bay (das Lorbeerblatt -bay leaf)
  • der Majoran – marjoram
  • die Melisse – lemon balm
  • die Minze – mint
  • der Oregano – oregano
  • die Petersilie – parsley
  • die Pimpinelle – pimpinelle
  • der Rosmarin – rosemary
  • der Salbei- sage
  • das Schnittlauch – chives
  • der Thymian – thyme
  • das Zitronengras – lemongrass

Now that you know the names, what can you do with them?

  • You can label your herbs in English and German.
  • You can find out how to care for them from German websites.
  • You can find German recipes that need your favourite herb(s) and cook it.
  • You can collect those German recipes (if you enjoyed the meals ☺)
  • You can learn more vocabulary by making lists with those herbs and anything else you come across while checking German websites.
  • You can get more ideas for your garden from German websites.
  • You can collect all this info in some notebooks (online folders or pen and paper), whatever method you prefer.
  • You can even buy some of my books to help you with keeping track of your new vocabulary ☺

Gardening Journal for German Learners: A 52 week planner for those who like to plan their gardening and learn German

Recipe Journal For German Learners: Blank recipe book for 50 German recipes with space for vocab or whole sentence translations

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