Are you always on the lookout for some quirky German learning ideas? How about 18 ideas for June?

According to Kleiner Kalender (English version: Cute Calendar) each day of the month is also a special – and sometimes worth celebrating – day.

I’ve picked 18 of those days to give you some fun ideas for practising your German – enjoy! 2 June World Milk Day – Weltmilchtag
use this day to check on milk related vocab. Which milk products do you like and what are they called in Germany. This is even more important if, for whatever reason, you don’t or can’t drink milk and use some alternatives. Make sure you know what they are called in German.

buy provigil in the uk 3 June World Bicycle Day – Weltfahrradtag
Another vocab research. Could you label a bicycle in German? Draw a bike (or find a picture), find out what some of the parts are called and label it. Alternatively, write about your latest bike ride. 4 June Hug Your Cat Day – Umarme-Deine-Katze-Tag
Today you can either hug your cat while talking to it in German or you can write why you like/ love/ hate cats.

Lingsugūr 5 June World Environment Day – Welttag der Umwelt
What do you do to be kind to the environment? Write what you do or feel you should do.

8 June Name Your Poison Day – Was-willst-du-trinken?-Tag
Well, what would you like to drink? Imagine you’re in a German café, restaurant, pub, friend’s house, what would you like to drink. “Ich möchte einen/ eine/ ein ….” and try to add some adjectives as well.

9 June Donald Duck Day – Donald Ducks Geburtstag
Find some German Donald Duck videos on YouTube and enjoy watching them.

Or learn some things about him from our ‘Ask Angelika’ show:


11 June World Doll Day – Welttag der Puppe
Are or were you the owner of a doll? Can you describe it in German? Alternatively, write a conversation you might have had with your doll, or invent one.

13 June Sewing Machine Day – Tag der Nähmaschine
Let’s write about crafty hobbies! What do you do? Sewing, cross stitch, knitting, crocheting or anything else…Write about what you do or don’t do and why (good practice of using ‘weil’, if you need it)

15 June Global Wind Day – Tag des Windes
Let’s talk about the weather! Wie ist das Wetter heute? Wie war es letzte Woche? Wie wird es morgen sein?

16 June Fresh Veggies Day
Can you cook a meal with lots of vegetables today? While you cook, describe (you can do this in your head) the ingredients and how you cook your meal.

17 June Eat Your Vegetables Day – Iss-Dein-Gemüse-auf-Tag
Following on from yesterday, which vegetables don’t you like (or even hate)? Write a short article about which vegetables you love/ like and don’t like and maybe even give reasons/ explanations.

18 June Go Fishing Day – Geh-Angeln-Tag
If you like going fishing then today is the perfect day to do so – and while you’re waiting for the fish to bite, read some German or describe what is around you.

19 June World Sauntering Day – Weltbummeltag
Go for a lovely walk and enjoy the surroundings, maybe take some pictures or sit down and do some drawing. Then, later on, when you’re back home, describe your photos.

21 June International Day of Yoga -Internationaler Yoga-Tag
Today’s task is to find some information about yoga in German or you can find a German yoga video and follow the instructions.

22 June Take Your Dog to Work Day – Nimm-Deinen-Hund-mit-zur-Arbeit-Tag
If you took your dog to work with you and your dog only understood German, how would you explain what you do? Use your imagination and write a letter to your dog.

24 June Swim a Lap Day – Schwimm-eine-Runde-Tag
Do you go swimming? If yes, then enjoy a few laps today while thinking (in German) about your day. Alternatively, you can write about your likes or dislikes for swimming or find some German websites about ‘Schwimmen’.

27 June Seven Sleepers Day – Siebenschläfertag
A ‘Siebenschläfer’ is a dormouse, but today is not a day to celebrate the animal. The background of this ‘Siebenschläfertag’ is the holy Seven Sleepers Legend of the year 251. Find out about it (In German or in English)

29 June Camera Day – Kameratag
On Camera Day, everyone should take out their camera to celebrate! So go ahead, take lots of photos of interesting things. Then label or describe them in German.

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There you are, 18 quirky ideas for practising your German. Which one are you looking forward to do, or (once you’ve done them) which one did you enjoy the most?
If 18 ideas aren’t enough for you, you may wish to buy my book which has 365 ideas, one for every day of the year!

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you.

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