18 quirky ideas to learn German in August

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Are you always on the lookout for some quirky German learning ideas? How about 18 ideas for August?

According to Kleiner Kalender (English version: Cute Calendar) each day of the month is also a special – and sometimes worth celebrating – day.

I’ve picked 18 of those days to give you some fun ideas for practising your German – enjoy!

1 August Swiss National Day – Schweizer Bundesfeiertag
While the Swiss have a day off work today and can celebrate their national day, let’s use that day to do some research about Swiss German. What differences or similarities can you find? 

4 August Coast Guard Day – Tag der Küstenwache
Although Germany doesn’t have much coast, there is, however, a German coast guard. The deutsche Küstenwache has its own website and there is information on Wikipedia. Have a look around.
Alternatively, enjoy this great advert – I know it’s for learning English, but in this case we’ll make an exception ☺

6 August Wiggle Your Toes Day – Wackel-mit-den-Zehen-Tag
Take your shoes and socks off, wiggle your toes and learn this German nursery rhyme:
Das ist der große Zeh, der braucht viel Platz juche.
Das ist der zweite, der steht ihm zur Seite.
Das ist der dritte, der steht in der Mitte.
Dieser hier, das ist die Nummer vier.
Und der kleine ist auch nicht ganz alleine.

Alternatively, if you find this too boring and you’re German is quite advanced, do some German research about toes and maybe some foot problems.

7 August National Lighthouse Day – Nationaler Leuchtturm-Tag
Google ‘deutsche Leuchttürme’ and you’ll find lots of information about German Lighthouses. Play around!

8 August Repeat Day, Repeat Day – Wiederholungstag, Wiederholungstag
No, I haven’t made a mistake and wrote too many words. It’s Wiederholungstag, Wiederholungstag in Germany today, and only in Germany.
So today’s task is to find something you’ve learnt but could (should?) repeat and revise it. Alternatively, watch a German film or listen to a German song again!

9 August Book Lover’s Day – Tag der Buchliebhaber
Find a German book and enjoy reading it. It doesn’t matter how easy or difficult it is, just enjoy it!

10 August Lazy Day – Faulpelz-Tag
Today you’ve got my permission to do nothing, although you could do some passive learning, maybe just sit in the garden and listen to German music, or find out more about the word Faulpelz.

11 August Play in the Sand Day – Spiel-im-Sand-Tag
Today you can either play in the sand and make a sandcastle while talking German, or you can find ‘Sand’ related compound nouns and phrases. How many can you find?

12 August International Youth Day  – Internationaler Tag der Jugend
Today is the day to practise the past, future or conditional tense by writing about your youth in German. Depending on how old you are you could write about things you did in your youth, things you will do when you’re in your youth (or second youth ☺), or what you would have liked to do.

13 August International Lefthanders Day – Internationaler Linkshändertag
Try and copy a short German text by writing it with your left hand (or, if you are left handed, with your right hand). Then read what you’ve copied. Hopefully you will have had a little fun while occupying yourself with some German.

15 August Relaxation Day – Tag der Erholung
Two days of doing nothing in one month? Well, it’s August and that usually means school holidays. So yes, this is another day to just relax and listen to some nice German music or read something easy.

18 August Bad Poetry Day – Tag der schlechten Poesie
Students often tell me that they’re no good at writing poems, especially in German. Well, today is your chance to write a German poem, and this time it doesn’t matter whether it rhymes or not or how bad it is!

20 August National Radio Day – Nationaler Radiotag
Find a German online radio station and spend some time listening to it. How much German can you understand?

25 August Kiss and Make Up Day – Versöhne-Dich-und-küsse-denjenigen-Tag
If there is any ‘kiss and make up’ to do, then go ahead and do it. Otherwise write a little in German about how you did kiss and make up or how you would do so.

26 August National Dog Day – Nationaltag des Hundes
Do you have a favourite type of dog? Research or write about it in German.

27 August Just Because Day – Einfach-so-Tag
Don’t practise any German today which is necessary or homework. Instead do something German related you just fancy doing. Anything you like … just because!

28 August Russian Germans Day – Tag der Russlanddeutschen
After those relaxing and just because days this month spend today doing some research about the ‘Russlanddeutschen’, or, if your German is still very basic, do some English research about the history of the Russian Germans.

29 August More Herbs, Less Salt – Tag für mehr Kräuter und weniger Salz
It’s always a good idea to use more herbs than salt, but what are the German names of herbs? Do you have any in your garden? Which herbs do you like or don’t like? Make a list of herbs in German and / or write about them or find German websites which tell you how to grow them.

I found 18 quirky ideas to learn German in August. Have a look! Share on X

There you are, 18 quirky ideas for practising your German. Which one are you looking forward to do, or (once you’ve done them) which one did you enjoy the most?
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