15 quirky ideas to learn German in October

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Are you always on the lookout for some quirky German learning ideas? How about 15 ideas for October?

According to Kleiner Kalender (English version: Cute Calendar) each day of the month is also a special – and sometimes worth celebrating – day.

I’ve picked 15 of those days to give you some fun ideas for practising your German – enjoy!

1 October International Coffee Day – Tag des Kaffees
A great day to practise ordering a coffee (or two) in a café. Or find out what all those different coffees are called in Germany or Austria.

2 October Name Your Car Day – Gib-Deinem-Auto-einen-Namen-Tag
Does your car have a name? Give it a German name today and then write about him/ her ☺

3 October German Unity Day – Tag der deutschen Einheit
What do you know about the ‘Tag der deutschen Einheit’? Find out about it in as much German as you can.

5 October World Teachers’ Day – Weltlehrertag
Do you remember your teachers? Can you write about them (good practice for past tense sentences)? Or write about any current teachers you know or have lessons with.

9 October Curious Events Day – Tag der Kuriositäten
Let’s find some curious German things or events. Google ‘Kuriositäten’ and see what you can find out.

10 October Take Your Teddy Bear to Work – Nimm-deinen-Teddybär-mit-zur-Arbeit-Tag
If you took your teddy bear to work and he (or she) only understood German, what would you tell him about your work?

12 October Moment of Frustration Day – Momente-der-Frustration-Tag
Imagine that you’re telling a German about everything you’re struggling. What would you say?
Then turn this exercise into something positive: make a list of useful resources which will help you with whatever you’re struggling with. You now have enough material for a week. Or a month or even a year.

14 October National Dessert Day – Nationaler Tag des Desserts
Today is a great day to find out what might be some typical German desserts! And maybe eat them, too ☺

16 October Dictionary Day – Dictionary-Tag
Get your German-English dictionary and open it at random pages. Spot a few unknown words and learn them to make some sentences with them. Extra challenge: can you write a text with at least 5 new words that you’ve learned?

17 October Wear Something Gaudy – Trage-etwas-Kitschiges-Tag
I’m not suggesting that you should wear something gaudy today, but if you did, what would it be? And how could you describe it in German? Go on, have some fun describing your weirdest ideas!

19 October Evaluate Your Life Day – Evaluier-dein-Leben-Tag
This might be a good time to evaluate your German learning life (In German or in English). How is it going? Progressing? Where might you need to do more work? What’s going really well?

21 October Count Your Buttons Day – Zähl-deine-Knöpfe-Tag
Count your buttons in German, describe them, maybe draw and label them with shape, size and colour – in German, of course!

25 October Punk for a Day Day – Sei-heute-ein-Punk-Tag
Fancy being a punk for the day? Maybe not, but what about listening to some German punk music? Just search YouTube for German punk or deutscher Punkrock and enjoy!

27 October National Tell a Story Day – Nationaler Erzähl-eine-Geschichte-Tag
Can you tell a story in German? Why not spend a little time and write it down first – and  tell your fellow German learners or post it on social media.

31 October Reformation Day – Reformationstag
As the 31st October is also Halloween, find out more about the history of reformation Day or Halloween in Germany – whichever you’re more interested in.

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There you are, 15 quirky ideas for practising your German. Which one are you looking forward to do, or (once you’ve done them) which one did you enjoy the most?
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