15 German tongue twisters to get your tongue round

15 German tongue twisters to get your tongue round


Do you remember trying to say tongue twisters as a child? Did you try to say them as quick as possible and fell over laughing because you couldn’t? Do you remember that those saying didn’t really make much sense but they did make you practise the sounds certain letter combinations made?

Well, now is the time to do the same in German!

Tongue twisters is German are ‘Zungenbrecher’ (lit. tongue breakers) and I have prepared a video and slides with 15 tongue twisters for you.

You can look at the slides first and try and see if you can say the sayings or you can watch the video first and hear me say them and then go back to the slides to practise –  the choice is yours.

Here are the slides:

Here is the video:




Did you enjoy them? Can you say them? Which one is your favourite?

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Here is one more video of a tongue twister story. It’s so difficult that even I wouldn’t attempt to say it ☺ Will you?

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