13 German idioms with drinks

13 German idioms with drinks

Many years ago a friend gave me this little jar with chocolate drink as a present. The powder is not designed to be used for a drink. Instead, the jar contains ‘Kakao, durch den Sie andere ziehen können’ – ‘cocoa, through which you can pull others’. That translation, of course, doesn’t make any sense, because it’s an idiom. It really means it’s cocoa to pull someone’s leg. Of course, that doesn’t make sense either, but only because we use a different idiom to say that we’re fooling somebody.

Seeing this jar again got me thinking about idioms with drinks. The result is here:

Have I missed any? Do you know any other German idioms with drinks? Please let me know and I change the slide show.

And if you’d rather see the slides as a video, here it is 🙂

EDIT 2021: In season 4 of Ask Angelika we arte looking at lots of German idioms and what they mean. Have a look at the playlist: Ask Angelika Season 4

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