10 reasons for German

I came across this article the other day, where German bestseller writer Bastian Sick was asked to give 10 reasons for learning German. I liked his reasons so much that I reprint them here on my blog, but if you want to red the whole article you can find it here

These are his ten reasons:

  1. So you can understand the lyrics of Tokio Hotel songs and sing along with the right pronunciation. 
  2. So you can write a love letter to Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel singer).
  3. So you don’t have to squint at the subtitles when watching German TV series, such as Derrick, Ein Fall für zwei and Sturm der Liebe.
  4. So you can impress your friends with words like “Fussballweltmeisterschaftsendrundenteilnehmer” or “Überschallgeschwindigkeitsflugzeug”.
  5. So you can read Goethe in the original. And of course, not just Goethe but all the other classics in German literature, including Heinz Erhardt, Wilhelm Busch and Loriot.
  6. So you will be able, as a Porsche driver, not only to flaunt it to everyone, but also to tell them that your car isn’t called a “Porsch” or a “Porschie”.
  7. So that, if you happen to be a cleaner, you can understand serious warnings on German household substances, for instance “Augenkontakt unbedingt vermeiden!” or “Dämpfe nicht einatmen!”
  8. So you can say in German at the Bambi awards: “Ich danke meinen Eltern! Und allen Leuten von Sony Music! Und natürlich meinem Publikum! Ihr seid so ­ wundervoll! Ich liebe euch alle!”
  9. So you can ask questions in German, if you happen to be a foreign journalist at a press conference in Germany.
  10. So you can get the role of the villain in the next James Bond film.


I couldn’t have put it any better!


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