10 places where you can practise your German

10 places where you can practise your German

You’ve been learning German for a while and, although you do enjoy it, you’re getting a bit bored. You’ve tried different resources which helped, but you still think there’s something missing.

How about a change of scenery?

Take your books, pen, paper, phone with apps – whatever you use – and practise your German somewhere else. Here are 10 suggestions – you’ve probably thought of most of them anyway, but have you used them?

1. At home
At a desk, the kitchen table, in the living room, don’t always sit in the same place. Do you like reading in the bath? Take a German book next time.

2. In the garden
This is obviously weather permitting, but as long as it’s dry and not too windy, sit outside and learn.

3. In the park
Take a picnic with you and enjoy the different surroundings while having a coffee and reading some German.

4. On the train
If you usually take something to read on train journeys, take your German book next time or instead of playing games on your phone, use Duolingo or whatever German learning app you may have.

5. On the bus
The same applies to bus journeys.

6. On the ferry
Ferry crossings can be long and boring. To get a bit of variety, spend some of the time learning German – particularly useful if on the way to Germany ☺

7. On the plane
As you can’t have much hand luggage, the last thing you want to take on a plane trip is your German textbook – quite rightly so! But if you have your phone and / or kindle with you, you should be able to spend some time learning some German. Especially, if it’s long flight and the novel you’re reading is getting a bit boring …

8. In a café
Grab your German stuff, go for a lovely walk and end up in a café. Refreshed with a drink you will have renewed energy to learn more.

9. In a hotel
When you’re having a rest from sightseeing, why not use your phone or kindle to read or practise some German. Again, this would be particularly useful if in Germany. Although then you can also watch German TV!

10. In the library
Go and check out what German textbooks  are available. You can use them in the library and if you find them useful enough for your level take borrow them to take them home for more learning. You can also have a look for German literature. Most libraries have a foreign section where you might find some German books. This is a good way to try reading a German book without having to buy it.

What’s your favourite place?
Apart from in Germany ☺ where do you like to practise your German?

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