10 German words to describe a doorbell prank

 10 German words to describe a doorbell prank

Did you do silly things when you were young?

The other day I came across this meme on Facebook about a delivery driver throwing a parcel to the door and driving off, which reminded me of my childhood. The text asked whetehr people remembered doing this as children, ringing the doorbell and running off.

Yes, we did that – not very often, I might like to add ☺

In German it’s called a Klingelstreich, but I remember it as Mäusepingeln. So I did a little research, found ten different ways how people say it in German and attempted a literal translation.

  • der Kingelstreich –  doorbell prank
  • das Klingelmännchen – doorbell little man
  • das Klingelmäuschen – doorbell little mouse
  • das Klingelputzen – doorbell cleaning
  • das Klingelrutschen – doorbell slipping
  • der Klingelsturm – doorbell storm
  • die Klingelpost-  doorbell post/ mail
  • das Schellenmännchen – bells little man
  • das Schellehauen – bell hitting
  • das Mäusepingeln – mice … and then I was stuck. Pingeln which is colloquial for klingeln hasn’t found it’s way into any dictionaries.

I guess that means you heard it here first ☺

What did you call it when you were young? And would we be able to give it a fun literal German translation?

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