10 Facebook pages that can teach you German

10 Facebook pages that can teach you German

EDIT 2019: Sadly, some of the pages aren’t active anymore.

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Two weeks ago I told you about 10 German Facebook pages  that help you read and understand more German, and today you can find out about 10 Facebook pages  that can help you learn or improve your German because these pages teach German or give you information about Germany.  They are all similar in so far, that they share things from other pages, so you may come across duplicate links. But they also all write their own posts that could be German lessons. If you already know (and hopefully liked) some of these pages then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, click on the links or the pictures, check out what they offer, and if you like what you read, click ‘like’ to be kept informed about the page.

Here they are, in no particular order:

The German Way – Life in Germany

Deutschdrang        2019,has deleted her website. All Facebook posts still there, but no links to click.


The Germanz      2019 not active


German Language Learners      2019 not active


Learn German with Herr Antrim


Deutsch Happen     2019 not active


Deutsch Online


Step into German


Learn German – a Game A Day


Learn useless German which doesn’t post useless stuff at all!


Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation Well, you didn’t really think I wouldn’t add my own page, did you? (Oh, and if haven’t done so, I’d appreciate any further likes, too) ☺


I know there are lots more Facebook pages with useful stuff for German learners. If you think I’ve missed one, please add it in a comment.

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