Edit March 2014: Sadly, I have to say that at first I had good service. Recently, however, I heard not only from others who had problems with their orders, I too am now owed money from them. At the moment I would not recommend anybody orders from them – such a shame! 

Last August I wrote a blog post with the title Where can I buy German food in England.   One of the comments I received was about a new website called Yummy  Market At the time they still had a few teething problems, but they are now well and truly up and running, so much, that I put an order in.

Two days later all this arrived:

Everything was beautifully and securely packed, the bread and fridge items came in a cool bag and the lovely people from Yummy market told me that customers can re-use the cool pads or they can collect and return them, for which they will receive a voucher towards future shopping ( £3.00 for 5 returned pads or £7.00 for 10 returns, at their cost)

They currently have a variety of breakfast items and I can get my favourite chocolate slices for breakfast again!

They also sell one of my favourite chocolate/ nut slices: Hanuta!


I can now get ‘Zwiebelmettwurst’, specially cured and certified raw minced pork with onions …

… and  Eierstich, a savoury (not sweet) egg custard that you cut up and add to soups.

Of course, I’ve got nothing against English food. On the contrary,  I love it! But I must admit, I was in German food heaven  😛

Have a look around their website. If you have unsuccessfully been looking for  German food in England, I bet you’ll find it now.

PS. I’ve been told that from 01/08/2013 you can get baby food, like Alete or Hipp and from 01/09/2013 German Christmas things, too  😀

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38 Responses to Yummy German Food now available in the UK

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  2. Yum. That makes me hungry just reading it…am off to check out their website!

  3. Lisa Attias says:

    Packaged food from loved places tastes good. My husband loves coffee ground in Nazareth, whereas I can happily cope with any good stuff from Coffee Land.

    • I think, if you move to another country, no matter how good the food is, there always comes a time when you really miss something that you were able to buy. This website makes it a bit easier for those who don’t travel to Germany (often) and really miss things.
      I hope your husband manages to get his coffee at least sometimes.

  4. […] Send to Kindle Last August I wrote a blog post with the title Where can I buy German food in England.  […]

  5. robertz2z says:

    My grandmother and father were German and used to go to the German Food Centre in Knightsbridge. I’ve had a lifelong addiction to Lorenz Saltletts and for years have been able to get these at Waitrose, but now the supermarkets seem to prefer stocking less refined American-style pretzels. Last Christmas was probably my first without Saltletts since I was a baby, but now I can see where to get some!

    I still make potato salad and cooked red cabbage the way my nan used to make them. I don’t know if these were classic German recipes, but I love them.

  6. Misti Cooper says:

    Did you have any problems with Yummy Market? I placed an order over a week ago and have not heard anything since the initial confirmation. I’ve contacted them twice and not had a reply and now my account log-in isn’t working so I’m sort of worried I’ve lost my money on this one…

    • Hi Misti, I heard that they were going to re-design the website last week. Looking at it just now I noticed some changes but the contact button isn’t working yet. I’m wondering whether they have come across a problem somewhere….
      I have also emailed them and will let you know as soon as I hear something. Please keep me informed, too, thanks!

      • Misti Cooper says:

        Hi Angelika,
        I had a really lovely email from Yummy-Market, the gist of which is that the website reboot caused issues with the contact form and log-in and display of order status and on top of that Parcelforce did not deliver my parcel on Friday when they should have.
        The lovely people at yummy market are arranging to resend the spoiled chilled goods and a £10 gift certificate. So hopefully I will get my original parcel soon and the new chilled goods in a couple of days.
        Couldn’t ask for more!

    • Maggie Fulker says:

      Did you ever receive you package Misty?

  7. Maggie Fulker says:

    Yummy Market? Or crummy market? Paid for order 9 days ago. Never received the parcel, and tracking number supplied proved fake. DPD advised me that tracking number does not exist,
    Numerous emails went unanswered. Guess I write this order off as a buyer beware

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Maggie. I emailed them a while ago and didn’t get a reply either, then found out that the owner is in hospital and from what I gather, the few members of staff are trying to keep the business going. I’ll try and see if I can get hold of them to find out as I also don’t want to tell people how wonderful it is, if it turns out not to be. I’ll keep you informed …

      • Maggie Fulker says:

        Thank you Angelika. I am sorry to hear that the owner is in the hospital. I was going to order more things from them. But when this parcel did not arrive, I hesitate to order more

        • Hi Maggie, I had a reply from them today, that they are as puzzled about the missing parcel as you are and they are investigating. They also told me they have been in contact with you offering a refund – glad it’s been sorted for you!

          • Maggie Fulker says:

            Hi Angelika,
            Yes they finally responded to me, after I filed a complained through PayPal. Still have no response to any of my emails and still can not get them to answer the phone.
            They did ask if I still would like the items, or a refund.
            On their website in my account it states this order will be ready for shipment soon
            But it been saying this since the day I ordered 10 days ago.
            They said I be hearing from them by this evening ( after 7 now and still nothing)
            Well we’ll see

          • Hi Maggie, please see my comment to Adrian above.

          • Maggie Fulker says:

            🙁 🙁

          • Maggie Fulker says:

            Hi Angelika
            You might be interested to know, that as of today, I still have not received the parcel from Yummy Market. They furnished me with 3 different shipping dates /tracking numbers. The shipping company has no records of any shipment from them. At this point, I have to assume, they are fraudulent
            Very sad, of having wasted my money and time

      • Maggie Fulker says:

        Also, I ordered from this company: http://www.thegermanbakery.co.uk/product-category/genuine-german-bread-deutsche-brot/ and goods arrived within 2 days. Might want to give them a try.

  8. Adrian Charlesworth says:

    I also made an order on the 28th Dec and still haven’t received anything. My account says order will be shipped soon. Sent 2 e mails but no reply

    • Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that, too. I think, I’ll un-publish this post for a while to give them the chance to get the business sorted and back to normal. I hope, they will be back soon without any illness and problems and I will then re-publish with hopefully good news.

    • Maggie Fulker says:

      Hi Adrian.
      I have filed a grievance with PayPal.. They responded once in PP, telling me they look into it and get back to me later that same day. Nothing happen. I am as smart as I have been before, as to if they will send the parcel. I will give the company until the 15th of this months to resolve , before I escalate my complained in PayPal.
      I been trying to call their number, without result. No one answers.
      I find it very strange that they do not have a number listed on their site. but had to find elsewhere. and the number is a mobile. What reputable company does that?

      • Adrian Charlesworth says:

        Hi Maggie, sorry to hear your having the same problem, I think I might have to complain to pay pal as well, where did you get the phone number from?

  9. Maggie Fulker says:

    Seems as if Yummy Market now has closed its doors. The page is still up but payment and other information is missing now. Does anyone have any other information on Yummy Market?

  10. Kim Johnson says:

    Any news on Yummy Market? i looked on FB and back in Jan owner was ill…..

  11. violet says:

    For German food and German bread and excellent customer service try http://www.thegermanbakery.co.uk they are based in Windsor and deliver by courier all over the UK. My parcel arrived next day I placed my order.

  12. K Maru says:

    Friends at our company regularly buy German food in bulk from German Deli and I think you should replace crummy markt with them.
    We placed an order with crummy-market and received damaged and missing products, got email responses but did not see our money back.
    Any problems (mostly parcelforce delivery) with http://germandeli.co.uk/ has always resulted in a refund or free products in the next order. Although the shipping might seem higher, they use next day delivery which is understandable. They’ve just updated their website which is a lot better than their old one.

    • Yes, the German Deli has been mentioned several times. As you can see at the top of my blog post, I would not recommend them now. And I noticed that their website isn’t there any more either. So it looks like problem solved!

  13. Sven says:

    It looks like Volker Schrems (the person behind Yummy Market) is back with a new website on http://german-grocery.co.uk/, same offers, same vague shipping info and this time no mention of the company “winston park” behind it.

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