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I currently offer the following courses on Udemy:

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  • Full lifetime access
  • Videos, often with additional resources
  • Quizzes & worksheets and/ or assignments
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • Interaction with instructor (if wished)

rsz_1rsz_der_1 German grammar – gender #1 –  Is it der, die or das? Learn how to work out whether a German noun is masculine, feminine or neuter.

rsz_1rsz_der_2 German grammar – gender #2 –  the plurals   Learn, which nouns take which ending, which nouns take an umlaut or don’t change at all.

rsz_1rsz_present_tenseGerman grammar – the tenses #1 – the  present tense. Learn how to conjugate regular & irregular verbs, separable & inseparable verbs, impersonal & modal verbs, and the imperative.

German grammar - the past tenses German grammar – the tenses #2 – the past tenses Learn how to form the perfect tense, imperfect tense and the pluperfect tense.

rsz_1rsz_grammar_3German grammar – the tenses #3 – the future tenses Learn about the different ways you can talk about future events or plans.

German for beginners – for business or holidays, a 30 day challenge for learning basic German in time for your awesome holiday or successful business trip to Germany.

Numbers in German – Everything  you ever wanted to know and learn about saying and using numbers in German


German grammar – the four cases Go back to basics and learn everything you need to know about the German nominative, accusative, dative & genitive case!


German grammar – word order  Find out how German word order differs from English and learn the rules to help you make great German sentences.

Free courses:

The German Alphabet A quick course helping you with spelling your name, email address or other words in German.



rsz_1rsz_430238_9f67_2Women Helping Women to Succeed
Something for every woman: Education, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration, Motivation, Support.


Language Learning – how to decide which is the best for you


Coming soon: German grammar – word order



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