Let's play some games - in German, of course!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I often write about free online resources. Today’s post is slightly different, although the resources might still be free.

The idea for this post came in preparation for my video show Ask Angelika episode 23, because we are having our annual board game evening this month.

Board games are such a wonderful way of practising a little or a lot of German. You could just play Ludo and count to six or play Scrabble … and lots of other games in between.

Watch our show from Friday and/ or scroll down to see the phrases we mentioned.

The games we mentioned:

Mensch ärgere dich nicht – Ludo
Leiterspiel – Snakes & Ladders
Wer is es? – Guess who?
Scrabble – Scrabble

Some rules and sentences you might use when playing

Spielregeln – rules of the game
Ich bin dran – It’s my turn
Du bist dran – It’s your turn
der Würfel – dice
würfeln – throw dice
Ich kann nicht – I can’t (go)
2 Felder vor – 2 squres forward
3 Felder zurück – 3 squares back
eine Runde aussetzen – miss a turn
zurück zum Start – back to the beginning

For some extra practice watch these videos which give you German instructions about the games:

We also spoke about card games – Kartenspiele

die vier Farben – the four suits
Farbe bekennen – put one’s cards on the table
Kreuz – clubs, Pik – spades, Herz – heart, Karo – diamonds

Bube – Jack,  Dame – Queen,  König – King,  Ass – Ace

So, find some friends who would like to speak some German and start playing some board games!

Board games in German are ‘Brettspiele’, although most of the time Germans talk about ‘Gesellschaftspiele’, which includes any game, whether it uses a board or not.

Which one is your favourite?

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