When my children were little I knew all about the cartoons they used to watch, but now I feel ‘out of the system’. So whenever I’ve seen  children with ‘Peppa Pig’ lunchboxes, clothing, etc … I didn’t know what the attraction was …. until …. I happen to watch a programme. Within minutes, Peppa Pig’s infectious laugh got me hooked.

I was hooked even more when I found out it is also on German TV!

The German Peppa Pig is called Peppa Wutz, as Wutz is what little lovable messy toddlers are called in some parts of Germany.

German children have been watching the original Peppa Pig programmes to learn English, so why don’t we do the same and watch the German versions to learn German?

To get you started, here are a few. I hope you enjoy them!

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  • Sarupa Shah

    ooo Peppa :Pig…it’s a bit like Dora the Explorer who speaks in Spanish…so I totally get watching favourite cartoons in a different language…I am sure the language part of the brain is super active when young…a great idea ;)

    • http://www.angelikasgerman.co.uk/ Angelika_Davey

      Absolutely! Last summer I watched my German nephew look at a German Fireman Sam video on YouTube when he asked me if he could watch one more. I gave him an English version. He was absolutely glued to the screen and not once did he query the strange language.
      But those cartoons are fun for adults, too – well, for me, anyway :)

  • http://HowToWriteBetter.net Suzan St Maur

    Great way to brush up your German, whatever your age!

    • http://www.angelikasgerman.co.uk/ Angelika_Davey


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