How is your German learning coming along? Good?! I’m glad to hear it!

You are having your lessons, you’re enjoying them and would like some extra work, just not boring homework. I don’t blame you, homework is not always the most interesting thing to do (although sometimes it is).

So, how about some German children’s TV?

If you are lucky and have German satellite TV – perfect – but even with your computer there are things you can do.

Have a look at the following websites.

For example Kikaninchen from the German KiKA channel.


 Another example is JoNaLu

Or Sesamstraße

 Or Die Sendung mit der Maus

 Unfortunately, it looks as if you can’t watch the whole programmes (I’ve come across more and more pages with a ‘you can’t watch it’ message), but you can watch parts of them. There are also lots of other things you can do: play games, make craft  things, sing songs, colour in pictures, find recipes etc …. in fact, a lot of things you used to do when you were a child ;-)

So, if you want to improve your German while having some fun, there is plenty to do on these pages. You can always do the activities in secret if you don’t want others to find out, or you can borrow a child who (you have decided) will learn German ;-)

For those, however, who cannot understand why on earth they should do kiddies activities, I will find some more ‘grown-up’ sites next time.

In the meantime, if you know of any other children’s sites worth visiting, please let me know.

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12 Responses to Learn German with Children’s TV Programmes

  1. LynnTulip says:

    Great idea to watch children’s TV. 

  2. What a brilliant idea – simple language with correct grammar, couldn’t be better.

    Funny what you say about Sesame Street … friend of mine has an autistic son who didn’t speak at all until he was 7 yrs old, then suddenly began speaking well – with an American accent although the family is British. Turned out he had managed to learn it all from Sesame Street.

  3. […] wrote how listening to German radio stations can help with learning German, and then the blog post Learn German with Children’s TV Programmes  for people who have started learning […]

  4. Aline Sant says:

    My children love to watch cartoons in another languages ans this way they are learning lots of new languages.

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