On the 19th January the German Saturday School Frome celebrated its 5th birthday, or, at least, it should have done. Unfortunately, that day the college was closed due to all the snow. So, yesterday – slightly belated – we thought we show you what sort of things we do on a Saturday morning.

Ellie, Kristina and Erika, the youngest ones, are learning about feelings (Gefühle) at the moment and they drew the top picture and the following pictures. Kristina, who drew most of the pictures, was a bit anxious that English readers may not be able to read her German sentences, but I think her drawings are so clear, you can tell that  fröhlich means happy,

ängstlich = anxious                          traurig = sad

müde = tired                                       zornig = angry


Jamie and Lukas are working on free time activities and they have produced a power point presentation:


And Yona, Anna, Charlotte, Nathalie and Clara  prepared a puppet play. Enjoy!



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  • http://HowToWriteBetter.net Suzan St Maur

    Soooo cute! And wonderful to see how much these children seem to enjoy learning. Must be because they have a good teacher… ;-)

    • http://www.angelikasgerman.co.uk/ Angelika_Davey

      Oh course they have ……. ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000592431812 Freya Wahler

     well done :-). Are these children english or german? I could not hear any accent. 

  • http://www.assessment4potential.com/ LynnTulip

    I love the puppet show and all the drawings. What fun!

    • http://www.angelikasgerman.co.uk/ Angelika_Davey

      It was all their own work. I only reminded them of the topics they’ve recently covered.

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  • http://www.angelikasgerman.co.uk/ Angelika_Davey

    They children are all fluent in English because they live here and go to English schools, but they also have one German parent (sometimes both). The requirement for joining the school  is that they understand and speak German (and that they can read and write), but the abilities vary.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/marymezzo Mary C. Weaver

    Congratulations on five years!!! And I absolutely love the illustration of anger. The “arrrr” says it all!

    • http://www.angelikasgerman.co.uk/ Angelika_Davey

      Thank you, Mary, and yes – it does :)