Most English speakers struggle with the concept of different genders. In English everything is ‘the’ and all over sudden it needs to be converted into ‘der, die, das’ . The majority of textbooks don’t help either, as they usually say that there are so many complicated rules, it’s best to just learn the new nouns with the correct gender. To an extent they are right, because to a lot of rules there are exceptions. Some, however, are straight forward and they are the ones you’ll find on this infographic.

There is also one other thing to remember: the gender goes with the word and not the item. Although female people have the feminine gender ‘die’, the word for girl is ‘das Mädchen’ because words ending in -chen are always neuter. The word for train is either ‘der Zug’ or ‘die Bahn’. That doesn’t mean a German train is either masculine or feminine. It just means the words are.

I would like to tell you that it isn’t really that complicated, but I have a sneaky feeling you won’t believe me anyway ;-)

So I won’t even try and  just leave you with this:


I’m hoping to create more grammar infographics. Is there anything you would like to see?


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