This letter ‘ß’ is a strange letter!

I have been teaching at the German Saturday School Frome, which has been running from January 2008 until July 2014. Sadly, it has closed its doors for the time being due to lack of children.

After an hour of German fun and games, the children enjoyed their ‘Schultüte’ at the end of their first lesson!






Since October 2011 there is also an after-school German class for children with some German     knowledge at Fynamore Primary School, Calne. Contact Angelika if you like to know more. A new term starts again on Wednesday 25th February 2015, 3.40 – 4.40pm. Tschüs!





“Have you ever noticed how easy it is to learn things when you sing them?”

 (quoted with kind permission from

 ‘Sing in German’ – workshops for Primary Schools.
Learn German through German nursery rhymes, action songs and other fun songs.
Workshops can be booked for an hour, a morning, afternoon  or a whole day.
For further information contact Angelika