I took this picture of a bee hive the other day and it reminded me of some idioms and phrases we use with the word ‘Biene’

  • fleißige Biene – busy bee
  • so fleißig wie eine Biene – as busy as a bee
  • flotte Biene – cutie, ‘nice-looking bird’ or ‘hot chick’ 🙂
  • Ich wurde von einer Biene gestochen – I got stung by a bee
  • jemandem Honig ums Maul schmieren – to butter somebody up
  • (or a little more polite): jemandem Honig um den Bart schmieren

And instead of buzz buzz buzz, German bees go summ summ summ, just like in this German nursery rhyme:

And then there is ‘die Biene Maja’, a children’s TV programme which has been popular since 1976. Recently revamped, there is a new cinema film out this autumn. Here is the trailer:

Maja has, of course, her own website worth checking out: Die Biene Maja, where you can colour in pictures, play games, send e-cards and find out about the characters of the film. There is also a serious side, information about how to attract bees to your garden and help to save them. I can tell you now, writing this post has taken me quite some time as I was too busy checking out Maja’s website. And you, too, can have hours of fun (well, maybe not hours) and practice your German at the same time – success  😉


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