Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation charity event

2017’s charity is Julia’s House, who is building a children’s hospice in Devizes.

  • 10 May  2017  The German skittles evening raised £46.00
  • 20 September 2017     The German board game evening raised £37.00

  • 13 December 2017       German Carol singing
  • Any profit from the ‘German(y) in Poetry’ book

If you are not local but would like to help raise funds, please click on the ‘Just giving’ thank you. screenshot-2016-11-23-17-39-31

2016’s charity was the Wiltshire Air Ambulance again.

13 April 2016 Our German Skittles evening raised £47.00!
21 September 2016 Our German board game evening raised £40.00.
14 December 2016 Our German Christmas Carol singing raised £56.00
Profit from the ‘German(y) in Poetry’ book: £11.21, totalling £154.21



If you are not local but would like to help raise funds, please click on the ‘Just giving‘ thank you. screenshot-2016-11-23-17-39-31

2016-04-13 19.46.53

The highest and lowest score from our Skittles evening ☺


2015’s charity was Hop Skip and Jump, a local charity which provides immediate and flexible, day and evening respite care, 7 days a week, to children and adults with life limiting illness, disabilities and Special needs, no matter how complex.

Our final event, the German Carol evening raised £40.00. I also received a final donation of £17.14 making it a final amount of £230.00 for Hop Skip and Jump – thank you to everybody who donated, danke!

      • The German board game evening raised £53.86
      • The German Skittles evening raised £51
      • A spur of the moment decision to sell my Udemy courses for £1 on the 9th anniversary of Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation raised a further £5
      • One of my students has just completed a sponsored swim by swimming 34 km from Dover to Calais but in the safe environment of Trowbridge’s swimming pool ☺ He raised £73 for Hop Skip and Jump – thank you x


2014’s charity was Let Them Help Themselves. Thank you to everybody who helped raise £365.83 this year. That money could pay school fees for 9 children for an entire year! DANKE!

        • The German Carol evening raised £131.10!
        • The German Film Night raised £38.00
        • The German skittles evening raised £73.73!
        • The German board game evening  raised £50.00
        • A German book sale raised £23.00
        • A signed T-Shirt raised £50.00 for Let them help themselves, and the T-shirt is now on its way to become part of  this T-shirt

2014-08-25 12.51.29TheShirtOslo-300x200


Our last event of 2013, the German Carol singing was a great success. All in all we raised £141.03 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.


Despite the heat, on Wednesday 17th July 2013, 11 people braved the warm annexe of Southwick Village Hall for a fun evening of German board games and coffee and cake! Apart from having a lot of fun, we also raised £52.00 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Add the £15 we raised during our Advent singing in December gives a total of £67.00 – as the saying goes ‘every little helps’!

What was that German word again ?

Ah, that’s what it was!

“I must win this game!”

We even played Scrabble in German!



The first charity event was on Wednesday 20 March 2013 – a German Board Game Evening in aid of Macmillan.

Ten people had great fun playing games, speaking German and raising £75 – DANKE!

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