I am a qualified teacher and native German speaker from Lower Saxony in the North of Germany, and I came to England in 1982.
I have been teaching German since 1991. My students are private and business clients, school children and adults in evening classes. My youngest student so far was 4 years old and my oldest 80!

I also have experience of proofreading, translating and interpreting from German to English and from English to German.




I am a member of the Devizes Chamber of Commerce and the Association for Language Learning and I am registered with the Institute for Learning .
I also have Enhanced Police Clearance.


I am not an agency. You do not have to deal with different people each time. Instead you will get personal, friendly service just from me.

So –
If you want to know how you can learn or improve your German, contact me

If you want to know more about German culture, ask me

Need advice about translations? Ask me

Need help with German visitors? Contact me

Soon you will be confident to deal with German clients on your own. Until then, I can help you!

Some press releases which made it online:

Angelika bridges language barriers (Swindon Advertiser)

School gives big ‘willkommen’ to families

German Club for children (Calne Gazette & Herald)



“Learning German with a smile …” 


  • Frau Davey ist toll!! Sie hat glatte Haare und blaue Augen.     
  • Sie ist mittelgroß und ziemlich kräftig.
  • Frau Davey ist freundlich und intelligent.
  • Frau Davey ist mittelgroß und schlank und laut.
  • Sie hat braune kurze Haare und graue Augen.
  • Frau Davey ist lustig, freundlich und pünktlich.
  • Frau Davey ist freundlich, lustig, laut und intelligent!





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