On my last trip to Germany I noticed a few things which I thought I would share with you – three things I miss in England, one thing I don’t miss and one surprise  :!:

:arrow: In place 5:  
I sometimes miss Woolworth, so I’m really pleased to see there are still some shops around.


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C & A. I miss that a bit more than Woolworth. There was a time when it was my favourite clothes shop.


:arrow: In place 3:  

Cycling paths! I do miss them! But what car drivers have to be aware of, is that the cyclists can cycle either way on those paths – more to think about when you’re not used to driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road!


:arrow: In place 2: 

Cigarette machines! No, I don’t miss them at all, I’m just surprised they’re still around. When I was a child it was normal for parents to give their children money to get a packet of cigarettes from the machine. Nowadays people have to swipe an ID card before they can get a packet.


:arrow: In place 1: 

Before you ask – no, I was not in the men’s toilet in a pub. To my surprise I saw this machine outside a pub right on a footpath …. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before – quite a surprise :oops:

Have you seen anything in Germany that you miss/ don’t miss/ expected/ didn’t expect?
Go on – spill the beans!

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  • http://xeeme.com/stevenhealey stevenhealey

    I was most surprised by the cigarette machines they disappeared from the UK decades ago . Give that E-cigarettes are banned in Germany there seems to be a contradiction .

    • http://HowToWriteBetter.net Suzan St Maur

      That’s weird, Steven – I wonder what the thinking behind banning e-cigs is, without banning real cigarettes?

  • http://xeeme.com/stevenhealey stevenhealey

    On the plus side the cycle paths throughout the area are amazing and extensive , wish we had the same in Devizes

    • http://www.angelikasgerman.co.uk/ Angelika_Davey

      I agree! If we had cycling paths like in Germany, I might even get my bike out of the shed again!

  • http://HowToWriteBetter.net Suzan St Maur

    Interesting to see C&A still exists … I used to write all their recruitment ads when they were still big in the UK. Actually they’re a Dutch company with HQ in Belgium … truly European.

    And perhaps Milton Keynes has taken a leaf out of Germany’s book, as we have excellent cycle paths here called “redways.” Bring your bikes up some time and you can explore them!

    • http://www.angelikasgerman.co.uk/ Angelika_Davey

      Ooh, I just googled ‘redways’ – they do look great, a lot better than what we have here!

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  • http://www.assessment4potential.com/ LynnTulip

    How sensible having to swipe an ID card before you can buy Cigarettes

    • http://www.angelikasgerman.co.uk/ Angelika_Davey

      Unfortunately only on the machines. If you buy them in a shop, it still depends on how diligent the shop keepers are.

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