Starting in June 2014, the 30 Days Holiday German Challenge!

  • Are you thinking of a holiday in a German speaking country?
  • Did you ever wonder whether you would be able to speak German?
  • Have you ever thought about joining a class but don’t know whether you’d be any good at German?
  • Do you fancy a little challenge? 
  • Do you like getting emails from me?  :smile:
If your answer is yes to just one of those questions, then this may be perfect for you:
Welcome to the 30 Days Learn Holiday German Challenge!
Edit: the course is now closed to new students.
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  • Liz Hall

    Awesome opportunity!

    • Angelika_Davey

      Thank you, Liz x

  • Michael Pachulski

    Really great information. My brother spent a few months in Germany, this would have been a huge help for him!

    • Angelika_Davey

      Thank you ,Michael, it certainly would have given him a headstart.

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    Looking forward to refresher as I had a stroke and lost my languages but not the love of the words What a gift thank you Danke schoen fur alles

    • Angelika_Davey

      Did you subscribe before 8am this morning? If not you may not have received the first email. Let me know and I forward it to you.

    • Angelika_Davey

      Thank you x

  • Barbara Klein

    This is a wonderful opportunity, Angelika! As a native German speaker I am not qualified to subscribe ;-) but I wish you lots of fun and to all your subscribers viel Vergnügen und Erfolg!

    • Angelika_Davey

      Thanks for your kind words and for promoting it for me – and ,no, you do not qualify :-)

  • Chris Manning

    Great looking course – thanks for sharing and the price is right!

    • Angelika_Davey

      Thank you, Chris x

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  • Mithu Hassan

    Really great opportunity and I am very much interested to learn !!

    • Angelika_Davey

      Thanks Mithu, I have just forwarded you today’s email for you to catch up. Tomorrow’s email will go directly to you. Hope, you’ll enjoy it!