Starting in June 2014, the 30 Days Holiday German Challenge!

  • Are you thinking of a holiday in a German speaking country?
  • Did you ever wonder whether you would be able to speak German?
  • Have you ever thought about joining a class but don’t know whether you’d be any good at German?
  • Do you fancy a little challenge? 
  • Do you like getting emails from me?  :smile:
If your answer is yes to just one of those questions, then this may be perfect for you:
Welcome to the 30 Days Learn Holiday German Challenge!
If you’d like to join, just register in the box below. You’ll get a welcome email with instructions within the hour and then, throughout June, you will get an email every day with a little task.
It’s not long until June and I’m very excited about this.
I can’t wait? Can you?

Register here:

PS Although this challenge is aimed at absolute beginners, do join if you already know some German and just fancy some easy revision.