Advent Calendar Day 13

Today’s post has been written by Richard. Thank you, Richard!

I am an engineer who conducts a large amount of work with colleagues from other nations, including Germany. However, I actually started learning German as a fun challenge. It is only in retrospect this proved to be extremely beneficial in my work.

I am now in my fourth year of learning German. I enjoy the consistency of the grammar and struggle most with idiomatic expressions which use words I know but in a way one cannot understand by simply directly translating.

I recently went on a holiday to Germany and was surprised at how much I was able to communicate in German.

Richard from Salisbury
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  • Angelika_Davey

    Isn’t it great when you start something as  a hobby and find it useful for work as well?
    It’s good to hear that you have been able to use your German at work and during your holidays!

  • Bryan Daniels

    as an English born teacher of my own language to Germans, I can see that Richard, as an engineer, likes the logical structure of the German language. The German engineers adore anything which can be logically compartmentalised. Sadly for them – and luckily for me – that doesn’t happen very often!

    • Angelika_Davey

      Thanks for your comment, Bryan. Looks like the German language is keeping you busy, too :-)

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