Advent Calendar Day 14

Today’s post comes from Evie. Thank you, Evie!

Hello, I am Evie  Stougia and I am from Greece. I came to England two years ago to get my BA degree and now I am a junior buyer for Apetito Ltd, the food manufacturer. As Apetito is part of a German Group, we need to liaise frequently with our colleagues in Germany and exchange ideas, plans and benchmarking practices. I believe that by learning each other’s languages we can bridge the cultural and  linguistic gap and be able to cooperate harmoniously adding real value to the Group’s operations. While I have studied German for two years in the past, I find it extremely difficult speaking it; reading and understanding the language has always seemed simpler to me. Hopefully, one day my conversational German will be in a satisfactory level and I will be ready for my first trip to the site in Germany!

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