Advent Calendar Day 12

Only another 12 days until Christmas! Today, Kamila wrote for us. Thank you, Kamila!

My name it Kamila. I have been learning German for a few years now. I hope that I will speak fluently this language one day… I think that knowing and being able to speak a foreign language is a wonderful thing. I enjoy it a lot every day.

I am 36 years old Polish lady. I speak Polish- it is my native tounge and I can fluently speak English. I enjoy being able to communicate with other people. When I started to study English I did not think that I will live in Great Britain permanently and this ability will be so useful for me. I been living in England for 7 years now. I feel very sorry for so many Polish people who live in England and are not able to speak the language or they struggle a lot when they have to speak.

I stared to study German in high school in Poland many years ago and probably that was the main reason to decide to continue with it after coming to UK. I would like German to be my second foreign language that I know.

I practiced speaking German a few times but usually most Germans speak English and it is hard not to switch to English.

I am a bit busy in my life and it is hard for me to find more time to study German. I work 8 hours every day and have busy social life. Unfortunately it takes time to learn :). I hope I will know it one day.

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