Advent Calendar Day 15

Today’s post is from 7 year old Ellie. Thank you, Ellie!

I know German already because my Mummy is German, but sometimes I do actually get the words wrong. So I’m going to the Saturday School to get them right, have fun and get used to German. I like meeting my friends there and I think I’m very lucky that I can speak two languages.
Ellie Weeks, 7 years – Frome

3 Responses to 24 Reasons for Learning German – meeting Friends

  1. Yes, Ellie, you are very lucky that you can speak two languages, and your German is really good already … AND I love your photograph! Thank you!

  2. Sarah Arrow says:

    What a fab photo 🙂 
    I can’t think of a better reason for learning a new language 🙂

    Angelika, is Ellie your youngest blogger?

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