Advent Calendar Day 6

The 6th of December already. have you been good? Did St Nicholas bring you anything?

Today’s post is from Gill. Thank you, Gill!



My name is Gill & I started having lessons in German after going on holiday to Austria.  I decided that I would like to converse in the language & understand more for my future visits to Austria. I hope also to visit Germany next year.

My German lessons with Angelika began about 5 years ago.  I did have lessons at school many years ago and this helped me with starting again 45 years later!

I particularly like learning German grammar (am I unusual??).  The games & puzzles in the lessons help me to remember the rules (and exceptions to the rules).

I’ve benefitted already from learning German when on my Austrian holidays. The first time I went, I managed “ja, nein und danke” and had no confidence for any more than that.  I now speak mostly in German – Austrians are very tolerant!

I am semi-retired & work part-time in an office.

I have a husband and one son.  My husband  & I have our German lesson together which is quite interesting.   When we first started lessons with Angelika he was a complete beginner.  I thought he was very brave to start from scratch at his age [!!] but he is really enjoying it.



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2 Responses to 24 Reasons for Learning German – Holidays in Austria

  1. “I particularly like learning German grammar” -Not many of my students do, but that’s what I find fascinating: everybody likes and dislikes different things.I’m looking forward to teach you this morning, maybe I should quickly find some more grammar 😉

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