Advent Calendar Day 3

The post for day 3 has been written by Julia. Thank you, Julia!

My name is Julia. I live in Devizes with my husband and 19 month old son.

I spent five first years of my life in Germany because my father was stationed there in the army. When I started a new school at the age of 13 I chose to study German as a second foreign language. My classmates had already been studying German for four years so I had to spend my summer holidays trying to catch up. At University I continued to study German as a part of my degree. During the first year there I had a fantastic teacher who was really passionate about the subject. I can still feel today enthusiasm and interest that she passed on. Six years after the graduation I am taking German lessons again to preserve what I have learnt and hopefully I will be able to use the language in the future either for work or on holiday.

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5 Responses to 24 Reasons for Learning German – Enthusiasm

  1. I’m so glad you had a passionate teacher who passed the enthusiasm on to you. Thanks for taking those further lessons with me.

  2. yuleeya says:

    I am sure it will be a very enjoyable experience

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