Advent Calendar Day 21

Today’s post comes from Rachel. Thank you, Rachel!

I receive German lessons through work as we are a German owned company.  I initially volunteered for lessons as I enjoy learning languages but I’m finding that it’s becoming more and more useful as my career progresses.

I’ve been learning for about 18 months now and whilst I struggle with certain aspects (numbers, the time etc) it’s slowly becoming clearer. I’m looking forward to the day that the penny drops! I enjoy learning about the cultural aspects of Germany and as a class we’ve even gone so far as to sample some Butterkuchen.

I now have to visit Germany regularly and feel much more confident in understanding what’s going on around me and it’s always reassuring to know that I can order a glass of wine and a slice of cake wherever I go!

 Rachel, Trowbridge

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  • Angelika_Davey

    Ordering a glass of wine and a piece of Butterkuchen in German is a fantastic start to mastering the language. The rest will follow …… :-)

  • Suzan St Maur

    I think that was the first ever thing I learned in German – how to order a glass of white wine! It has been very useful ever since…. ;-)

    • Angelika_Davey

      LOL, but in order to know your colours you need to know how to order red wine too: “Ein Glas Rotwein, bitte!” ;-)

      • Suzan St Maur

        Useful when in company I suppose, Angelika, but I only drink Weisswein! ;-)

  • MalikaBourne

    My grandparents spoke German. They never taught my dad so they could talk in German without him knowing what they were talking about.
    I am enjoying the new words.

    • Angelika_Davey

      Lol, that was sneaky of them, but I’m glad you’re enjoying the new words.:-)